CL: Lee Chaerin



I feel like CL never once failed to amaze me.

If you ever watched 2NE1 TV, you would know that CL is very playful with the people she knows and loves and is also polite and modest, but she is also extremely shy. I remember on 승승장구 (Win Win), she was so quiet and shy; it made me wonder where the playful girl on 2NE1 TV went off to. But then I thought that she might actually be just a naturally shy person. Which is completely different from when she’s onstage. I sometimes wonder if the two are really the same person.

I think it is simply amazing how charismatic CL is onstage, capturing all the attention of those watching her. Once the instrumental plays, she transforms almost immediately and is in a completely different world as she makes the stage hers, losing herself in the music. She has such confidence onstage, which I’m sure most singers do, too, but with her… she just has that something special that sucks me in and has my eyes dead locked on her… and then I can never look away once I do. She is always able to draw attention on her while she’s performing and it amazes me, every single time and every single performance.

She is the same age as me, yes, but as a singer, she is definitely one of the few people I look up to. I wish I had even half the confidence she contains and half the charisma she owns, to draw people in. She is amazing and I love her; she will forever be one of my favorite singers and forever be my one and only favorite “baddest female.”

why am i not following you? dshjfgsdjhfgd.. thanks for such a beautiful post for Chaerinah~ /cries

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    I sooo love this "Appreciation post" You just said what’s in my heart and mind about the Leader I admire most ♥ :>
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    ;____; I love CL T^T
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